Al-Bustan in Spirit News

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14 June, 2016

Al-Bustan was pleased to be featured in Spirit News twice during the month of June!

Moffet Elementary Celebrates the Arts, Culture and the Kids With Al-Bustan’s Arab Arts After-School Program

June 10, 2016 | Grace Shallow

“Everyone sees art. Art is universal,” added Max Dugan, Al-Bustan’s program director. “That’s part of the reason why it’s such an effective method to discuss culture.”

The teachers for the after-school program, however, benefit just as much as the kids when the class analyzes Arabic rhythms, classical songs and even writes their own compositions.

While introducing the students before the performance, Dugan teared up, saying his love for the kids is so strong he cries everytime he talks about them.

Moffet percusion director Hafez Kotain said, while in the classroom, they have taught him just as much about music as he has taught them.

“It’s all about fun and at the same time their focus is great. They’ve learned so much from the beginning of the year to this day,” he added.

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Al-Bustan Seeds of Culture Bringing Middle Eastern Music to Oxford Mills This Weekend

June 1, 2016 | Justin Helm

Art has an uncanny way of bridging cultures together in a way that can touch both performers and observers. One opportunity for local residents to embrace the art and culture of the Middle East is presenting itself in South Kensington on June 4th when Al-Bustan Seeds of Culture and PNC Arts Alive present a vibrant evening of Western Classical and Arab music collaborations. The showcase will feature reinterpreted works by Vivaldi, Mohammad Abdel Wahab, Rafael Hernandez, and Chick Corea.

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