Al-Bustan Participates in GlobalPhilly™ 2013 Exposition

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Blogal Philly
Blogal Philly
According to Global Philadelphia Association Board Chair, GlobalPhilly™ 2013 is about “raising the awareness of this region as to its international past, present and future.” As Philadelphia’s first modern, international exposition, GlobalPhilly™ 2013 serves as a 21st century embrace of the world’s impact on the Philadelphia region socially and economically.

GlobalPhilly™ 2013 will consist of over 100 global, international, and multicultural events and activities sponsored by the Association’s network of 125 members, shining a spotlight on the many international dimensions of the Greater Philadelphia area. It will run through to November 1, 2013.

The Global Philadelphia Association is highlighting these events as part of its mission to move Philadelphia forward as a world city. GlobalPhilly™ 2013 events fall under one or more of seven categories: Advocacy, Arts, Commerce, Cuisine, Education, Heritage and Sports. The vast majority of events are open to the general public.
To make GlobalPhilly™ 2013 a highly accessible experience, event information is consolidated into a “Passport” which serves as a guide to the exposition and which is available for free throughout the city to pick up at various locations.

An omnipresent “for Philadelphia, by Philadelphia” ethos is reflected in the event line-up. One of the Global Philadelphia Association’s hopes is that the exposition will help solidify international pride within the region’s population. The idea is to showcase what has already been going on in Philadelphia for a long time, and to get everyone on board with the concept that celebrating Philadelphia’s cultural plurality will lead to greater economic stability and social prosperity.

See list of confirmed events.

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