Art and Music Demonstration at Northeast High School

Posted On:
29 March, 2013

On February 21, 2013 visual artist Kevork Mourad and composer/musician Kinan Abou-afach visited Northeast High School, where they demonstrated their collaborative process in working on “Roads to Damascus,” an original music and visual art performance presented as part of Al-Bustan’s Music Concert Series.

Mourad and Abou-afach encouraged the students to freely explore their own art-making inspired by improvisations on the cello by Abou-afach. The students’ creative work is shown below, along with photos and video showing their work in progress and discussions about what the music evoked for them in making their marks on paper. This highly engaging demonstration led a group of students to attend Al-Bustan’s presentation of “Roads to Damascus” at the Trinity Center for Urban Life where all the students’ artwork was displayed.

See video highlights of the demonstration: