{De}Perception Collaboration Featured in Philadelphia Inquirer

Posted On:
01 June, 2015


Out of Syrian Conflict, a Musical-Visual Journey, Different for Everyone

May 28, 2015 | by Stephan Salisbury, Culture Writer, Philadelphia Inquirer

Collaboration always offers surprises, particularly collaboration that employs chance and ambiguity as defining principles.

Al-Bustan Seeds of Culture, an organization devoted to Arab cultural life, rarely occupies familiar ground, whether in the performances it presents or in those it nurtures.

…”I had a vision for these visuals for this story,” Alalao, 29, said Wednesday, chatting in a University City coffee shop with his friend and collaborator, Abou-afach. “I want the audience to answer, to discover this story in their own way. Every aspect, you can see it in different ways. Some people understand it in a positive way. Some people understand it in a negative way. “This actually is what leads us to the theme of the project – how we grow up with ideas when we are children. Now, when we’re grown up, we see it completely differently.”

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