Evoking Nostalgia in a Rousing Evening of Turath Music

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20 November, 2016

I enjoyed the passion with which Al Bustan Takht Ensemble and Salma Habib performed — it was incredible to watch them play and sing with so much love for what they do! – Grace

November 5, 2016

Al-Bustan presented an evening of Arab classical and folk songs as part of our concert series at the beautiful Trinity Center for Urban Life. Led by Music Director Hanna Khoury, the concert featured a selection of Arab classical and folk songs as reflected in the program’s name Turath – Arabic for Heritage.

Guest vocalist Salma Habib with her husband Ahmad Gamal, soloist with the Cairo Opera House, gave rousing performances from widely known repertoire by musical icons Umm Kulthum, Fairouz, and Sayyed Darwish.  The atmosphere was electric as both Arab and non-Arab audience members clapped and sang along to the melodies performed by Al-Bustan Takht Ensemble with a special guest appearance by renowned percussionist Michel Baklouk.

We were happy to see a very receptive audience who thoroughly enjoyed the music, as we heard afterwards: 

It was top-quality music.  I am finding that I really love Arab culture, music, and community. I feel at home though I am new to the culture. It feels like it “fits” and I am grateful. I want to keep learning. – Helene 

I loved seeing the audience engagement, people clapping, singing etc., Salma Habib and her husband were fantastic musicians and also really built up a good feeling in the room. – Trevor

I enjoyed Salma Habib, and her husband’s wonderful voices, the choice of music, the audience participation, the music and the locale, the fidelity to the choice of songs. – Doneda


Photos by Chip Colson: