Moffet Students Reflect on “Hamdulillah”

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18 March, 2014

March 2014

Students from John Moffet Elementary School debriefed on their art exhibit at Trinity Center and Al-Bustan’s Concert featuring guest artist The Narcicyst (Yassin Alsalman) on March 2, 2014.  The art project was based on the song, “Hamdulillah,” and was influenced by visual artists and sisters, Sundus and Tamara Abdul Hadi.  Many of the students attended the concert with their families, and in art class the next week wrote their reflections, some of which are noted below.

I think that our artwork was related to his song because our artwork was handcrafted and free like his songs and music.  Yassin’s raps are about the world and how it is handcrafted and great and that we should be free. My favorite song the Narcicyst sang at the concert was, “P.H.A.T.W.A.”  It is because all his music is making a point and it’s not all about the money.  Everyone is trying to get to freedom and hate is not a good thing to do.  The song is real and true – that’s what happens in the world.
Sanaiya S.

This project was AMAZING.  Our class did this project for the song, “Hamdulilah.”  Being at the Narcicyst concert made me feel happy, adventurous, awesome, amazing, and neat.

First, I’d like to say that the Narcicyst is a great man that goes by Narcy, Yassin, and the Narcicyst.  He wrote the song, “Hamdulilah,” because of his best friend who passed away and you always say, “Al Hamdulilah,” when someone that you love passes away.  The meaning of our art project was to pose as a bird to symbolize freedom like Sundus and Tamara did.
Hajar O.

When I was at the concert, I felt very sad because the Narcicyst said two kids had no hands.  I also felt happy because he was so good at singing and I had a lot of fun going there.
Tasneem D.

My project connects to the song, “Hamdulilah,” by describing freedom in the song and my project.  The birds in my drawing describe freedom, flying like a bird.  Also, flying is a symbol of giving thanks for the one who passed away.
Ana V.

My favorite part of the Narcicyst concert is when he rapped, “Fly Over Egypt.”  I really liked the pictures in the video he showed.  All of his music made me feel like I want to jump and dance.
Ziyad E.

When we started the project of people flying, I felt so amazed because it was so fun to trace each other.  We traced birds around our drawings and colored them with pastels.  We based this project on the concept of the song, “Hamdullilah.”  When the other students were talking about the concert, I felt emotional because Yassin made this song about his friend who passed away.
Lena M.

The concert made me feel happy, excited, and amazing.  When someone that is close to you passes away, you have to say, “Hamdulillah.”
Donald A.


Watch video of students’ artwork with “Hamdulillah” sound track:


Photos by Dana Scherer: