Northeast High School Presents Arab Arts & Culture

Posted On:
27 February, 2013

Spring 2013

The culminating presentation by Northeast High School students participating in Al-Bustan’s Arab Arts and Culture Course was held in the auditorium of the school for an audience of 250+ students and faculty. The students shared their art, poetry, and music and enthusiasm, led by teachers Eric Lundbalde (history/culture), Tremain Smith (art), Phoenix Montague (poetry), Issam Bougtoub (Arabic), Hafez Kotain (percussion), and guest musician Hanna Khoury.

This program was supported by Qatar Foundation International. We are grateful for the partnership with NEHS, particularly to teacher Laura Engel for assisting students and coordinating with the Al-Bustan team, and to NEHS senior faculty for their approval of and support for this program: Patricia Ryan, Daniel Meir, and Vice-Principal Andrew Lukov.