Reaching New Heights in Second Year of Moffet Arab Arts Program 2015-16

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01 July, 2016
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As the first year of the Moffet Arab Arts After-School Program (an expansion of a one-day percussion and art program) allowed Al-Bustan to calibrate and tailor the new program to the Moffet community, the second year fostered the program’s growth to new heights. Essential to that development was the return of Percussion Director Hafez Kotain, Moffet Choir Director Serge El Helou, and master artist-educators Lisa Volta and Nancy Sophy.  Through the expertise and dedication of these educators, students developed foundational skills in percussion, art, and singing.  Additionally, each discipline reinforced focus, teamwork, diligence, and responsible behavior in the classroom.

In addition to the work of the artist-educators, the program thrived because of the extraordinary dedication of Moffet music teacher Irene Pelech and teaching-assistant-extraordinaire Kathy Medina, as well as program coordinator Max Dugan, program assistant Zahia Mustafa, art assistant Claudia Bokulich, and fellows Edgar Felix and Kristen Shields. Essential to the day-to-day operations of the program were the amazing Moffet School community, including Principal Navarro, the support staff and secretaries, the Moffet teachers, parents, and dedicated community members.

The product of the dedication, thoughtfulness, and love of all these educators, administrators, and, most importantly, our amazing students were art exhibits, concerts, an end-of-year celebration that brought together the greater Moffet community, and the growth of youth who will continue to do good in the world.

We are grateful for the generous support of the William Penn Foundation for enabling the expansion of the 3-days per week program at Moffet to flourish. We also thank the National Endowment for the Arts and Stockton Rush Bartol Foundation for their support.

We greatly appreciate the support of the Moffet parents and community members, and local businesses Liberty Choice Market, Cousin’s Supermarket, and Al-Amana Market who have contributed in-kind support of food and beverages to several events.

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