From Our Audience

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31 October, 2014

It was truly beautiful – the song choices, Sonia M’Barek and the orchestra’s amazing talent, and most remarkably the collaboration with the Keystone State Boychoir.  To hear the kids singing in Arabic was pleasant and moving, bringing me to tears. – Nawal Khafaji

The evening [with Suheir Hammad] was pure artistry on every level. I don’t think anyone left that night without a deep feeling of gratitude and inspiration. – Melody Ben Flah

I probably learned more about music that night than I have ever learned before and have since found myself looking up quarter notes and tones.  Your music director shared such joy of the music – Emma Glencross

Last evening I was gifted with the privilege of hearing Hanna Khoury and the other musicians, along with the guest singer [Farah Siraj], perform at the International House…Words almost can’t capture the exquisite beauty of the humanity and music that were expressed, so I will simply say, as Hanna suggested, Allah! – Catherine

Those minor scales and modes reach into your heart and pull it out and spread it across the universe. – David

I really liked the [Husnu Senlendirici] concert and feel like watching the concert helped me become immersed in Arabic culture. – Judy

Even though I didn’t know the themes or words [Karima Skalli’s] tones and expression touched me. I would love to go look up the translations of poems. – Elizabeth

I had attended the free community event and listened to Karima Skalli‘s demonstration. After that I wanted to hear more and knew I had to come to the concert. – Mark

It’s classical Arab music in a way that appeals to a wide audience. These musicians bring their diverse skills to playing Arab music. I grew up hearing this music but it’s great to be hearing it live instead of on TV. – Abdul-Razaq

I am glad to have learned about Anthony Shadid. A very affecting event in total. The musicians were fabulous! – Ann

The readings [from the Remembering Anthony Shadid event] were especially courageous and moving – emphasizing both family and the Levant.

The [Roads to Damascus] event was absolutely beautiful and moving. The different styles of music and art were unlike anything I’ve ever seen or heard before.

I came for the music, but am now very inspired to learn more about Syria. – Mitchell

This [Roads to Damascus]event was incredible, I was moved to tears. Shukran! – Jamal Laith Dillman-Husso

The [Rima Khcheich] concert made me want to learn more about Arab culture – I don’t know much about Lebanon. – Laura

I liked how [guest vocalist] Rima Khcheich explained the songs and what they are about, even though I could hear the emotions.

Gorgeous, touching singing by a Lebanese diva [Rima Khcheich] backed up by a superb takht we get to call our own here in Philly and a 70+ voices choir from Wilmington – young people whose charm is as lovely as their voices! – Sue