John Moffet Elementary School

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30 July, 2016
School Partnerships

John Moffet Elementary School is a public elementary school in the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia with nearly 400 students from a wide range of backgrounds.

Since 2007, Al-Bustan has cultivated a deep partnership with Moffet, offering students in-school and after-school educational programming in Arab arts and culture. Working over the  years in different capacities with the school, our partnership currently entails a 3-days a week after-school program.

Since Fall 2014, Al-Bustan expanded its visual art and music offerings at Moffet Elementary School from a one-day per week program to three days that include singing, drumming, and visual art.  The “Moffet Drummers” have become known throughout the community for their prodigious abilities and charismatic performances. The artworks made by students in the program adorn the interior of the school building and throughout the garden.

With the continuation of the Moffet Arab Arts After-School Program in the 2016-17 academic year, Al-Bustan is committed to offering high-quality arts instruction and enriching cultural opportunities to students while deepening bonds in the community.

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