Current job openings:

Community Outreach/Project Coordinator
Al-Bustan is seeking a Community Outreach/Project Coordinator to assist in the implementation of (DIS)PLACED Project and development of the organization’s programming along 40th Street, full-time beginning in May 2017.

(DIS)PLACED: Philadelphia is an initiative exploring the theme of displacement across Philadelphia’s diverse communities and from the perspectives of four artists-in-residence of Arab heritage. Over the span of 18 months, the project is commissioning new artwork and engaging the public through storytelling, music performances, poetry readings, visual art, and community forums.

Primary responsibilities for this position include the following, with shifting focus depending on the phase of the project:

1. engaging in community outreach to West Philadelphia residents, business owners, students, and institutions – particularly in the development of a mural along 40th Street (between Filbert and Powelton)

2. liaising with partners (social service organizations and arts organizations)

3. coordinating outreach to various constituents and community members across the city

4. coordinating the compilation of community stories and the work of two documentarians

5. planning and coordinating a series of public/community events and forums

6. coordinating logistics for the four commissioned artists

7. assisting in compilation of the artists’ produced work (art installation, exhibit, recorded CD, blog, booklet)

Qualifications & Experience

• minimum Bachelor’s degree in arts, education, social sciences, or related field
• experienced at least 2 years with project implementation, community-based arts and culture, and community organizing
• knowledgeable about and connected within West Philadelphia neighborhood
• excellent interpersonal and communication skills
• excellent organizational skills, attention to detail, ability to multi-task
• strong creative, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills
• friendly, pro-active can-do attitude
• able to work independently and effectively as part of a team
• proficient in use of Microsoft Office
• preferably experienced using Adobe Creative Suite applications, quick learner to become adept

This position will report to the Executive Director, while also working collaboratively with other team members and managing some volunteers/interns. To apply, please send cover letter, resume with 3 references, and writing sample to Executive Director – Contact us

Program Coordinator
Al-Bustan is seeking a Program Coordinator to assist in planning and implementing current programs, full-time starting June 1, 2017.


1. This position requires a solid understanding of Arab arts, culture and history. It is expected that the Program Coordinator will engage in continuous self-education through readings, online resources, and exchanges with knowledgeable scholars, artists, and educators.

2. Assisting in the planning and implementation of Al-Bustan’s current programs at Moffet Elementary School, Al-Bustan Camp, Music Ensemble Course at UPenn, and Concert Series in the Fall and Spring, along with various workshops and special events as time permits

3. Assisting in the documentation of above programming through writing blog/website posts and photography, and compilation of data for grant reporting

4. Recruiting and managing volunteers to assist in ongoing programs and special events

Qualifications & Experience:

• minimum Bachelors degree in education, liberal arts, or humanities
• experienced at least one year working with youth in educational settings
• able to manage children’s behavior with keen grasp of the stages of child development
• excellent writing, public speaking, and interpersonal communication skills
• able to take initiative and pursue creative solutions
• able to collaborate productively as part of a team
• able to work effectively with diverse constituencies
• well organized with ability to multi-task and coordinate overlapping activities
• highly knowledgeable about Arab arts and culture
• preferably conversant or fluent in the Arabic language
• proficient in Microsoft Office, internet research, and Mac-based environments
• preferably experienced with Adobe Creative Suite applications, or quick learner to become adept

This position will report to the Executive Director, Director of Education, Director of Music Program, and entail managing some volunteers and interns. To apply, please send cover letter, resume with 3 references, and writing sample to Executive Director – Contact us

Al-Bustan is seeking additional members to join our Board of Directors. Please see Board Announcement and contact us if interested.

Throughout the year we invite artists with a particular interest and experience in Arab arts and culture to contact us. We also invite students or individuals interested in a work-study position, volunteer internship during the school year or as a camp counselor during the summer to contact us.



Al-Bustan is an equal opportunity employer.